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Mastering self-pleasure 3 day challenge

Reclaim the innocence and power of your sexuality.

Are you ready to connect more deeply and openly with yourself and others? 

Your body is your portal to deeper connection to all of life.

Everything we experience externally is created from our internal state.
Take your pleasure into your own hands to help you find clarity on all of your desires.

On this 3 day journey to Mastering Self Pleasure we will explore how to become comfortable in expressing what is alive for us in each moment. 

It will support you in the letting go of:
  • Resistance towards uncomfortable emotions
  • Tension stored in the body
  • Emotional attachment to memories
  • Shame and conditioning around sexuality
  • Resistance towards your intentions and desires
You will learn how to:
  • Use breath, sound, movement and touch to move these sensations through your body and witness without judgment
  • Cultivate a connection to your emotional body and feminine expression
  • Connect to and activate your most potent creative energy
  • Become your own best lover
  • Become confident in your body through acknowledging your divinity
  • Harness the full potential of our life force and intentionally direct it towards out desire
This journey includes:
  • A daily video from me on different ways to harness to full potentials of your self-pleasure practice
  • A daily PDF explaining a new practice
  • A journaling exercise to reflect on your practice after
  • A private Facebook group for you to share your experiences and reflect with others in a safe container