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The Visionary Vortex is a media agency and collaborative community for visionary leaders of the new earth

Activate your life force and amplify your voice, creativity and impact through the weaving of entrepreneurship and magic.  If you’re wanting to up-level your leadership through shared frequencies with others who can support you to birth your gifts, then this is the space for you.

Are you feeling called to work with the magic of shared vision and intention? The Visionary Vortex is for:

  • Emerging and established New Earth leaders desiring aligned community and expansion through co-creation
  • Entrepreneurs and creatives who don’t want to sacrifice their magic and life force in order to create the next level of their success
  • Awakened beings who are ready to make an impact with their gifts
  • Visionaries at the beginning of their entrepreneurial journey

So, what’s included in your membership?

  • Private community access to contacts and resources
  • 1-1 intuitive guidance sessions on entry with me to activate your higher vision and unique creative expression
  • 1 group call a month (includes channeled business guidance)
  • 1 ACTIVATED ceremony a month
  • Guest expert masterclasses
  • Opportunity to facilitate your offerings through our platform
  • Access to the Vortex Bank (past guest recordings and resources for expansion)
  • Deliveries of the most current downloads for New Earth leadership and business
  • Discounts on Visionary Vortex live events
  • Contribute content to our New Earth media platform (COMING SOON)

Join this creative cauldron of business magic if you want to:

  • Unite in a culture of fun, connection, pleasure with others along this journey
  • Learn ancient wisdom, tools and practices to awaken and expand your visionary and creative abilities
  • Meet your future business partners and collaborators
  • Have a place to be seen in all of who you are and experiment with your creations before they are birthed
  • Expand your intuitive-led business and reshape the way you approach entrepreneurship

About Lauren

Lauren is a Spiritual Mentor for visionary entrepreneurs and a Divine Orchestrator of New Earth business partnerships. She facilitates powerful spaces of transformation, healing and connection that lead to long-term connections and collaborations.

Her group containers are consistently a gathering of soul-mates, where there is a deep feeling of recognition and safety for participants to be in their full expression, vulnerability and power.

Her depth of business knowledge and understanding of New Earth leadership comes from working with the Founders of some of the world’s most successful startup companies in Australia and Europe, studying and embodying Feminine Leadership principles and spending the past two years travelling and immersing herself in thriving conscious entrepreneur communities around the world, including the UK, US, Bali and Australia.

From this she has formed her own embodied wisdom and teachings around creation-led business which unites the gold from her education and career in the modern arts, creative industries, PR and media with her initiations in feminine leadership, ancient women’s temple arts, sacred sexuality, energy healing and female shamanism.

Recognised for her vibrant energy, transformational presence and devotion to Unconditional Love, Lauren brings through empowerment, connection and intuitive guidance that activates people into heightened states of authenticity, aliveness, creativity, confidence, clarity of purpose and pleasure.

Through her personal brand, Lauren Renee Intimacy, she guides leaders to connect with life force energy, awaken their creative expression, break through survival-based conditioning and create change by living as the embodiment of their visions, now.

At the core of Lauren’s work is her intention to activate life force energy in everyone who enters her space.