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5-week Ritual dance journey to invoke self-worth, creative power, raw beauty & intimacy
commences 4/4
koah hall

A safe space to explore and expand your wild feminine nature, activate pleasure pathways through the body and have fun discovering the unique essence of your sensuality. 

Learn the art of erotic embodiment and how to bring more passion, self-love, intuition and spiritual connection through your dancing. 

Alchemise low self-esteem, sexual shame and trauma into confidence and safety to be in your full expression.

“Awakening women to their erotic power within the body and ability to heal through sensuality is essential to our collective evolution.”
– Lauren Renee


Join me in this Embodied Erotic Dance journey if you desire to…

  • Deepen your connection to your pleasure and sensuality

  • Feel more confident and in your body and self-expression

  • Open up to more freedom, creativity, diversity, divinity, playfulness and fluidity in your dancing and movement

  • Invite in more intimacy, pleasure and empowerment in all areas of your life – from dance floors to your relationships to your work/business and beyond

  • Experience and understand the connection between sensuality, sexuality and creative expression

  • Liberate your wild woman and free yourself from looking/behaving any other way except your most authentic self

  • Learn tools and guidance to use dance as a ritual and self-pleasure practice for to support your health and radiance + many new sexy dance moves that will begin to emerge naturally from you

  • Free yourself from conditioning around your sensuality and become your own best lover

  • Activate more creativity by opening the body to be more receptive and led by inspiration

  • Fall more in love with yourself and being in a woman’s body

Far North Queensland sisters, I love nothing more than seeing women in their most liberated expression, so here’s my invitation…

Join me across 5 weeks to immerse yourself in the magic of Erotic Dance and Sensual Expression.

WHEN: Every Monday evening at Koah Hall, commencing 4/4

There is an intention for the full journey and it is recommended to go through the course to have the integrate this form of dance and embodiment practice into your life, though there is an option to join classes casually. 

Each class includes:

  • Sensually-awakening tea or tincture to anchor into the body, based on the energetics of the day
  • Intention setting
  • Guided warm up and sensual choreography to open the body (and give you some sexy moves to work with!)
  • Embodiment tools and practices
  • Free-flow dance (based on a different theme/energy each week exploring the different expressions of the wild feminine) 
  • Closing circle – opportunity to share around topics of sexuality, sensuality, intimacy and relationship, as well as what emerged through the dance journey

Energy exchange:

$175 AUD for 5 week journey

$40 casual class

Full dates and times:

Monday 4, 11, 18 April 6-8 pm,
Monday 25 April, 2 May 7-9pm

Ticket booking through link below. If you have another preferred payment option or want to bring cash in person email minimum 2 hours before event starts.

About your guide

Lauren Renee created this journey out of her wisdom and passions for sacred sexuality, dance and women’s empowerment. 

Dancing on stage since she was three years old, Lauren always felt a deeper yearning to be more expressed beyond the choreography she was taught. 

Stepping away from performing arts to focus on her career in her early 20’s, Lauren’s outlets for her wild expression through the body became nightclubs, festivals and sexual encounters. 

Her healing journey began after a decade of dominating dance floors in intoxicated states. After coming off the contraceptive pill, which she had been on for a decade, Lauren experienced her womb awakening, discovered women’s circles, sober parties and ecstatic dance, then later sacred sexuality, somatic therapy, feminine embodiment and more healing modalities that connected emotions, energy and the body. This catalysed Lauren into creating her life by design, transforming her intimate relationships, channelling visionary ideas and facilitating healing spaces for others.

She has a deep love for positioning embodied erotic expression as an art form and pathway to pleasure-filled, creative living. Her dance experience spans across many genres including exotic dance, dancehall, tribal fusion, hip hop, contemporary, cabaret, jazz and ballet, which she combines with embodiment tools and trauma-informed spaceholding from her studies and initiations in sacred sexuality, embodiment, holistic healing and women’s temple arts. Her vision for this Embodied Erotic Dance and Sensual Embodiment class series is to create a space where women can heal their relationship to their bodies, creativity and erotic energy without needing to go so deep in process or density – that is fun, exciting and WILD – while being equally as expansive and transformative as a workshop.

"Lauren has this magic about her. She has a deep inner knowing and this gift that she taps into. When you're in the space with her...I just feel so safe, I feel so held, I feel so seen and loved. She supported me in truly claiming and owning who I am. I felt a shift in my physiology, in the way I stand, in the way that I speak. My vision had landed in my body."
Sarhan Allen
Health and Embodiment Mentor